turnkey powerplants

Become a Solar Entrepreneur

Power from solar energy is a proven, clean, and extremely lucrative method of energy production. Let us help you turn your unused rooftop space into an energy producing installation by showing you the possibilities and benefits of owning your own private solar plant. You too can harness the power of the sun!

The road to your powerplant


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Photovoltaic for business-costumers

Does your business have a green thumb?

Photovoltaic installations for business are actual power plants. Activity and energy gain operate a new playing field, through the simple large area available to you. Beside the financial benefits of a guaranteed return of investment, you can also count yourself lucky through the economical worth of a positive energy balance to your credit. Let’s not even discuss the benefit of the positive image you will be able to offer. Become an active contributor in the race to save our eco system, through clean solar power!

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Photovoltaic in XXL

Size = Output

Large-scale installations and solar parks, wither in Germany or abroad, must be painstakingly planned. Simply organizing the required amount of materials to arrive on time calls for great experience. Parks and large-scale installations in the megawatt category contain many small decisive steps, from delivery to area preparation until assembly, quality check, and maintenance. They must be meticulously planned and executed. Let our combined experience speak for itself.

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Solartraders only

Buy or Sell?

Are you already active in the photovoltaic industry, and distressed from the constant change of delivery for your modules, converters, or support systems? Then try out our Wholesale service! We can provide you with just about anything you need.

If you are looking for a perspective parts buyer, then we can help with that as well. Through our definitive and developed network of market contacts, we are also the right ones to go to for importers and parts handling.

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to invest in the future

Lease, Investment, or Co-Op

Photovoltaic installations offer a wide variety of investment possibilities in a renewable energy source. You wish to be a shareholder in a large-scale solar park, or maybe you would like to lease your already developed land for similar use? Too much for you? Well, then how about renting out your already useable roof top space out? The options are there for you. So please contact us to find out the possibilities and chances of your own yet-unrealized photovoltaic installation!

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